Saturday, May 17, 2008

Syd Home !!

He is here ,at least for a night or two just a reprieve until the surgery can be scheduled ! He lay around in his favorite spots,played with some yarn I was rolling and took a nap with his "MOM" who was very tired from all the stress!! His little paws are shaved bare where the IV was inserted,and his neck sore where he had his blood drawn. We will keep track of his story as it unfolds here at Sew Nana ! thanks for reading!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Present

I know it's late here just had to let everyone know what Delilah aka Jen got for her birthday! The big gift,from the husband is a brand new sewing machine!!! What is so special you ask? This machine is one of a line of wonderful machines made by "Bernina".The reaction from Jen was maybe not one of absolute JOY !! Rather one of HELP !!! I will admit they can look intimidating to the naked eye,a few lessons should help get her going in the right direction. I do hope she will JUMP IN and get her feet wet !! She has struggled along for so many years on my verrry oldest one alive *** There is no end to the creations she may come up with,this machine will nicely "expand" to an embroidery capability when she is ready.Until then I wish her many hours of blissful sewing, there is no sweeter sound than that of a Bernina as it stitches along,the purr of the perfect straight stitch,the curling ,winding, flow of over 100 decorative stitches 2 alphabets and several neatly perfected buttonholes will last a lifetime and be passed down ,as my old 1230 will be someday,perhaps to my grandaughter? Until then Jen will present her followers with many wonderful works of textile art !! Love and enjoy this wonderful present Jen,I wish I could be there to experience firsthand your progress!!

For The Love of SYD !!!

Leave it to a sick kitty! Our Syd made his trip to the animal hospital where he is now,and will hopefully come home on Saturday.He must have his urinary catheter removed first and be able to urinate on his own.What is amazing is that family ,previously not close have united in their love of our family pet choice,our cats!! Amazing,and wonderful,and hopeful for us all,we still need to get through the surgery which we hope will take place next week,the surgeon is very reassuring that this is a treatable condition,although we are not telling Syd that HE will for all purposes look like a "girl" but only from the outside! His heart will remain his moms' little "boy" and he will continue to strut his manliness around the house,his little sister Molly will not be told!! So no such teasing will go on here!!! Until our update tomorrow I will enlist your prayers for our "boy" and send our pet prayers to everyone in need also, love nana

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Coat Of Many Colors

Appropriatly titled you could say! We had a slight emergency here tonight! My sisters cat Sydney developed a urinary "blockage" tonight he has had this condition twice before so she knew the "SIGNS" well,so we made a trip to the emergency vet at 1030 pm,they kept him of course,he was in OR by the time we got home,they do not want you to stay we will pick him up in AM and take him to his own vet,where he will await his now must have corrective surgery so this does not continue to plague him,it is scary for all of us especially his "mom" Tina Syd is her "soul mate of cats",we all have pets like Syd,they are our family,our babies ,our children when our "children" have grown and "flown the nest".Pets love us unconditionally,they trust without knowing the consequences of a broken trust,they must count on us for their needs,if we let them down where would they be? I would ask all of our fellow pet people out there to pass the word to anyone who will listen,pleeease ! make that commitment before you take a pet to your home,make it for life,I see the cats especially, with notes on their cages ,at Petsmart ,OWNER MOVING.. so!!! take the cat..or made the choice,they trust,they love their people!!,pets hurt too,they get sad,lonely,depressed, kinda like people! So I will close for now ,just think!!! love,nana

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alexis Victoria

One beautiful young woman,one I have not seen in 3+ years,her mom,my daughter,keeps herself distanced from her family,a sad story and too long and private to go into,she has 2 sisters,one of whom I have seen twice in her life,this is in short one of those situations of control,drugs and fear,on this Mothers Day Trip how wonderful for us all if people could find it in their hearts to forgive,much of what is misunderstood and exagerated,as in far too many families,all children need the love of ALL who love them,our particular situation is compounded by Cancer,which her mom has,I wil be posting more pics as I can,Hope is always there,The law unfortunately is not supportive of Grandparents,Aunts,Uncles,Cousins,or any extended family no matter how much love or hurt is involved,if only one family can learn something from my familys' loss I can HOPE for others.


A pic I discovered while visiting shows my 2 girls with my "little sister" at Christmas,I thought it worth posting ,with my visit!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Shopping for a Cause!!!

Spent the night with 2 dogs shuffling for the best spot!!That would be my daughters pets! YES! here I am at DELILAHS' residence! Those dogs remember even though I do not see them a lot,they know I bring them TREATS!! Usually I get to the grocery,however it was too late last night when we got here! Yogi and Tia are the BEST!!! SO... now we get to the point,I am going shopping with my SIL! today to get a present for my Delilah! I am the consultant of sorts i cannot tell yet what the GIFT is so you will have to wait and see! However it may cause things to take a bit more creative turn at Shabby Accumulations! Add to the talent you already see so much of! So here we go! TTYL! love nana!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day!

My day started out with a run ,in the cool air in upstate N Y ! baked a cake for my mom then a strawberry rhubarb pie for my "little sister" Tammy she has DOWNS SYNDROME she is my little sister although she is 40 yrs old! she lives her life as a perpetual 5th grader! she does very well! she loves her food favs although she is thinnish she is active and participates in a daily program with others who are also "challenged" in various ways. I have been involved in her care for many years as has my younger sister Tina who she lives near and has pretty much responsibility for both my mom and Tammy,my mom is 76 yrs old and cares for Tammy daily,they still live together,this is amazing to me and many others who have relatives who reside in "community" residences.I think it is a testimony to the love Tammy and my mom have for each other! One day Tammy will live with Tina and/or myself hopefully we will share,which is why I am trying to MAP a plan to return to N.Y.Tina has a career as a Social Worker for the state of N.Y. mostly her years have been spent working on child abuse programs and investigations she has taught many others the valuable lessons she has learned along the way as well as shared many sad experiences to educate those throughout the system.I have much admiration for what she does,she has no birth children but many whose lives have been enriched because of her compassion ,she would have made an amazing mother! In many ways she "mothers" so many without them ever knowing! Those who are lucky enough to call her "friend" will never be alone when in need. We had a busy day as I am sure all of you have,so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all those wonderful "women" by birth or by choice of love,we labor in the same field,to bring others joy and lives of purpose that will be passed to the next generation,and so goes life! Until I post again LOVE TO ALL NANA