Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update Vera

Just a note,some meds I need to research,but will try to get this week-end along with some pics,I visited Vera yesterday,she looks"good" actually,a litle slow moving, the sores in her mouth from the chemo had gotten much worse,of course there are medications,one is 700.00! Works well enough,she got some samples from the MD,to order takes at least a week here! Makes me wonder how many pt's can afford it,there are old ones of course,the "lidocaine" mixtures which "nomb"so pt's can eat,and drink,she said a straw helped with the water,which she needed to drink to help 'flush the chemo from her system.If the breakdown products stay in the bladder too long you can get "cystitus" which she did,mildly,however mild,it's painful!
The smile on her face told me she is doing better,she put on her make-up and sat on the patio talking about family and a new grandchild expected,such a positive attitude! more later gotta go to "work"