Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abby,resting on my quilt

Abby gets tired more easily these days,her fibrosarcoma continues to grow,and she has a more pronounced limp,our vet originally gave us an antiinflammatory called Metacam which we could give her once a day,and it helped,however for the past 2 weeks she has an added med with a stronger medication for pain which she can have 4 times a day,she has recently been "hiding away" in the closet,we found her there making small "squeeky"noises and not wanting to come out,we knew she needed the stronger med. Her days are not all bad,or bad all day,when the medication is working we play,she loves a string used for crafting called "rat-tail" it is slippery and she loves to catch it in her paws! I made her some catnip fishies which she loves,I try to keep happy around her ,play as much as she is willing and love her a lot,she is so silky and soft,and her big green eyes so very expressive! I have noticed that she "thinks" a lot,silly some might say,but i know my cat and I believe she knows she is very sick and it is not going away,what I don't know is if she wonders why we are not making her better,and that is very sad not to be able to "fix" her,sometimes I look at her and I just love her soooo much I feel like I could just will the cancer out of her little body,but I know I cannot and it hurts! I watch my husband,whom Abby most adores,she is his 24 hr.shadow, he sits with her and I catch him crying,as he watches her,his faithful little companion,she sleeps beside him.She has awoken him up many a morning by licking his eyes open! He protests but has never stopped her!
Are we unusual? Not to people who love cats,ours are our family,and they know it,I wish I had known the risks of vaccination and what questions to ask our vet at the time,there is so much for now I will sign off as it is late and I never seem to get to my blog,if you have a cat you love please find out all you can about vaccinations ,If you are interested contact VAFSTF
Vaccine Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force.
I will try! to do better! after 12 hr shifts at the hospital,"housework"!!! I spend most of my free time with Abby and our other 3 "kids" Tucker,Kate and Sissy,they are all aware something is amiss with Abby. Till next time ,take time for the pets you love and remember the ones that have no home,Animal shelters are so ful now and they will take donations of anything you have to give,from your time,to a can or bag of food,or old towels,drop something off at your local shelter! Love Nana !