Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too long gone!!

I cannot let the day pass without a note about Elvis.As this is the anniversary of his death,I think of him,never really needing an excuse to remember !I love to shut my eyes and just listen to the beauty of his voice! Most people are surprised to hear I love Elvis! I get the "he was a druggie" "he could have got help" negative statements from people who do not care to think,or find the good he did besides his music,Elvis loved people of all persuasions and gave much to his community to help those from where he lived ,and this is continued today through Lisa Marie and her mom.Priscilla,as people from all over of every age continue to visit Graceland and learn about his life and the great turn music took as a result of his talent,as well as others of his time! I have been to Graceland 3 times myself !,as well as learning about Elvis you will see and hear much about the history of our country and the changing world of the 50's and 60's,on the premises you see period cars,a real diner of the time where you can enjoy lunch,hundreds of pieces of not only his life but gifts from presidents,kings,political,and influential persons of the era on display in the museum.A tour of his plane "The Lisa Marie"is a treat,and fun for the whole family,the home and gardens are beautiful!While in Memphis you can partake of some of the BEST barbecue food in the country! Then walk that food off by visiting probably one of the last 5 and dime stores in the U.S.! After that be sure to walk downtown and learn some of where our "blues" music originated,and marvel at the way music has changed and not changed over the years! This is truly a trip to make if you have the chance!!

Sissy-my silly cat!!

It is very hard to get a shot of Sissy,she just does not stay still !! She is a funny litt;e being,showed up in our driveway one night during a storm,some neighbors knew her and had been feeding her however did not want to keep her,the animal "shelters" were too full to take her,so here she stayed !She can "fetch",loves anything round,and will "steal"grapes from a bowl whenever she can! !! With sooo many pets not being adopted I could not resign her to that fate.I do love the "little" bugger!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who"s There??

My little "scaredy cat likes to go outside in the morning while I do chores /weeding etc around the house.He requires the door be open just enough so he can get back in quick should anyone come nearby!! Which is what he has done here,when he saw a neighbor walking!! Anyone of male gender will send Tuck straight to his closet hide-a-way where he is "safe".A sad kind of carry over from his days of being abandoned as a kitten at a rosdside service station,where he hid in empty boxes,until my son came along and rescued him,that was over six years ago!