Saturday, September 6, 2008


There has been much said in the past few days about working moms "aka" career women.Perhaps I missed the "point". If we took a poll ,a real poll, I think perhaps we might find a goodly proportion of moms would love to stay at home ,be the first line inflence on what their little ones are exposed to all day,teaching nurturing,wiping the tears of seperation that inevitably fall ,making sure the whole family is not exposed to every flu,virus,cold ,intestional bug that is surely lurking in all the day

care environments no matter how careful the provider. The fact is the majority of moms have no choice,even when day care eats up half of what they make,they must work! Many of the mothers I work with are single,some the only source of a medical insurance plan for the whole family,which as we all know is a HUGE WORRY these days!!I see these women every day they get calls to make sure their kids got safely to the bus stop,then back home and "in" safely after school,babies who spike temps,or from frustrated dads who cannot understand some special way his child pronounces a food or item the child is crying for!! We have moms who pump breast milk every day on "break" to keep the supply up,and themselves comfortable!!

Parents juggle shift work to keep from shelling out the very high cost of day care,and so many of them barely meet coming and going,puting another strain on the families future beyond the economic!

Of course there are brilliant women out there whom without we would not have the example and pathways paved for our daughters who derserve and need to emulate.The very best thing a parent can do for a child but daughters in particular is to encourage,support,and do all you can to enable them to get the education they will need for the future,to empower them with self confidence and knowledge that their families and their country stand behind them,and our government especially is working towards the day when not only insurance coverage,but safe and affordable day care is out there,to recognise the gift "non working" moms are giving their families,for there ,these so many years form our "liberation" no actual salary attached to being a "stay at home mom" which is priceless.I could go on but I think we all know the issues moms face every day,and I for one would like a "team" in Washington who will stand up for us and help put into place the real needs of our greatest resource and investment,,,our families!!