Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Running Accident!!

Anyone who reads my daughters blog "shabby accumulations"aka "Distressing Delilah" knows she runs,she is doing a marathon called "boilermaker" next Sunday so when I saw this I had to post it ! Hope everyone is going in the right direction!!!

Yammy Cat!!

You all know I cannot resist a cute cat pic ! So here is my find of the day,as much as I love my cats,I love all animals and have been reading so much in the news lately about overpopulation especially with felines! It only takes some phone calls and anyone can find a private or community sponsored spay and neuter clinic,help pass the word folks loving a pet of any kind means being responsible,help us to keep the pets we have in happy homes and prevent other just as beautiful ones from being "put down"simply because there are no homes for them,they didn't ask to be born any more than the humans who fail to care for the pets they have!! There is help if you take the time to care enough!!

Running accident!!

Just found this on another site,if anyone reads my daughters blog they will know she runs and is running in a marathon called :boilermaker: next Sunday,when I saw this I couldn't resist!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Guard !!

My Katy,she keeps guard,as I sat beside her,the 4 of them go outside for about an hour,during which I brush them! The kitty fur is abundant! Also much better outside than in! Not the best pic of her but she seldom sits still for one!