Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cactus Garden

This may be the beginning! It seems like it is taking a long!!!time!!! It has bloomed yearly,changing,slowly then suddenly it will bloom and be gone!You can miss it totally!OK soooo! I worked 2 -12 hr shifts then went to a seminar for 8 hrs.My blog gets so neglected!But I am still here! I will try to get caught up,have some interesting things I need to get my thoughts together on,after Saturday morning,afternoon,chores!!Keep watching I'll be back!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bread Making and Meatloaf

There can be a certain knack to making bread,it is like all things and takes some practice to get it good ,not perfect as some of the best things have their own flavor!.I remember the very first meatloaf I everrr made!! It was at my gramothers of course only a grandmother,one on a limited budget ,would let you use her supplies without "helping" and all by yourself! And sooo! I kept the ingredients a surprise! I watched as my Grandpa took the first bite! He made a kinda funny face at first,i could see he was struggling to find something to say..."do you like it?" I asked watching his face?? He was quiet for only a second in which he looked at my grandmother who had also taken a taste by now. I saw them exchange glances... then my grandpa said.. "yes, why's very good" well by now I also had tasted the creation !LOL!! I knew without a doubt my grandpa had not told the truth!! I also knew instantly that the cinnamon and cloves I had always seen my grandma add to her apple pie was not good in MEATLOAF!!!! I"ll never forget that day and how they both finished their portions! My grandpa wasn't one much for words,but I knew how much he had to have loved me to eat that horrible stuff! Well,so my first attempt at meatloaf was not so good ,but as the years passed Icame up with a recipe that was just what my grandpa could have truly eaten with a straight face!!

Cactus Garden

This is one of the cactus in my garden,the red color is beautiful! It also lets me know that soon this will flower! This is an amazing site and I will try my best to capture it for you. It happens in the early morning,if I am luckyI will be off work and up early,as the flower does not last through the day.It's like a fleeting glimpse of a dream,beautiful,yet elusive;and as untouchable as the stars at night!