Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day "The Peace Rose"

Many days go by untoticed as special,as we each follow the minutes and hours of our daily chores,however what allows us to do that is the unique way our country was founded,since the first settlers arrived here there was a taste for the freedoms this "new country" could offer,they would however come with a great price! The price of Freedom is now and always has been something we have had to defend,at times with the lives of our loved ones,the heartache that ensues is unbearable for the families of those taken,we all know a family that has had to struggle with that price,and pain.I have as many others felt that pain.On this day when many will enjoy an extra day off from those daily "chores" let us not forget,but take a moment to offer a prayer for those families who have given the greatest gift for our daily freedoms;the lives of their sons and daughters. Love Nana

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to the Grind!

So here I am back to the inevitable! Yes work,work,work,does it ever end? I guess sometime,some people seem to accomplish so much,others dawdle over little,yet we will all likely meet the same maker! how important each is we won't know till then! Each day while on my trip seemed so short,my family lives in a radius of about 75 miles! I felt so at home there even though I was on the road a great deal of time! I got to take my mom to some shops she likes,Mothers Day dinner at my sisters' was fun,with everyone there,I made a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for my sis which I will post the recipe,no shopping though for me!! How awful!! Oh well,a mall is a mall is a mall right? don't they all have the same things? Syd came through his surgery and is recovering at home with the love of his "mom"!! My daughter is running more than ever getting in shape for a marathon!!?? The hospital survived without me!! How surprising! The weeds in my garden also thrived without me to tear them from their task!! My cats are very happy to have me back,Katy my sleeping girl wakes me at the usual early hours,she doesn't know which days I work and which I'm off!! Try to catch up and post more often,get some recipes and sewing projects on here!!