Saturday, October 24, 2009

Morning sky Beautiful!

Around 0700 in the cool morning air,the sky is amazing to see! I love the feel of being outside when no one is up but me and as I take in the pink,white,gray-blue scope above me I can hear the birds coming awake and preparing to begin their busy day! Nothing is quite like the feel of this creation!

tailgate party!

The girls are in the back of my van! they love to jump in for a "treat" after their morning brushing outside! this has become known as the Tailgate Party! Kate is on the right and sissy is on the left!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Such a special word,and as I ran across this pic one of my favs I thought of the fun we always have had with Corey! He was always with us as a baby and toddler,camping,car shows,beach,wherever we went he was there.This young man is especially loving and funny at the same time,he works hard is kind and aspires to be the best person he can,he calls when I least expect it,but most need it!He cheers me like no other! I am not guessing Corey will see this,he "skates"skateboarding,is his passion in life aand he is at it every free moment,he is GOOD! Just thought I'd take a moment to let the world know my Grandson! He is with his "pop"here at Disney a few years ago.aren;t they the cutest??!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Abby Rose!

This rosebush is for Abby,and my saga planting it Saturday morning! I love flowers of most any kind BUT! Roses are my favorite,and my wish to have a rosegarden is great,since our house has been for sale almost since we built it I was reluctant to plant any,and I have never attempted to grow them ,after not selling for so long i gave it up and planted 2,and guess what? THEY GREW..AND BLOSSOM..A LOT!!! Now i am no expert I really don't know why they bloom soooo much,but i am trying to learn,and so I decided to plant a pink bush for Abby,I have a red and a yellow also. Any TIPS would be welcome ! This Bayer rose care product was recommended by the folks at Home Depot,and I have been using it and have been happy with the results,the Home Depot garden staff is also great and supportive!!

My Shadow!!

I got it! Since joining the Shadow shot Sunday group I have either been working,and sooo! tired I can't keep awake after I get home 8:30 to 9 pm or just home and TIRED! So this is my shadow! literally!! it was so sunny Sat. morn I got a few pics!
Seriously though,tired is my middle name,I have Fibromyalgia,something I have not blogged about,but it very much affects everything I do...or don't do!The fact I remembered is great as I worked the 2 previous days,one of the symptoms I experience with my condition is "fibrofog" or forgetfulness,which is not bad for me unless i am very,very tired and/or stressed. Sat morn i had a good reason to remember,as I was looking to plant a Rosebush for Abby...another story.Any way,i hope to keep it up..thanks to everyone who take wonderful pics I enjoy just looking and thanks to "Hey Harriet" and her wonderful Shadow Shot Sunday

Monday, October 5, 2009

Now where did that lizard go?

A poor terrified lizard is hiding somewhere under that table,Tucker never did find him and neither did least not yet! If you live in Florida you can sympathize with this dilemna,I only hope I do not discover him amongst the towels in the linen closet! Our cats love to chase them,bat them around a little,then sit and watch them try to get away,hopefully we intervine and set them free out the door,you gotta be fast though,they run under furniture fast,then you don;t sit ! Did I mention the frogs? NO? how about snakes? Just keep your doors shut,your windows well screened ...or down, sometimes you just wish for a nice cold winter day when you know all critters are hibernating somewhere!!!

Days of Old !!?? Summer Fun !!

Really! Do these kids look happy? Most everyone will realise this pic is "staged" Taken at a place we went often as the kids grew up.Busch Gardens Virginia,I hope everyone had a nice summer despite the economy,these are my "kids" now grown,I found this pic amongst my husbands old family pics! Perhaps he misfiled it!
We went to Virginia a lot when vacation came ,combining a learning experience with fun,if anyone reads my husbands Blog they will know history is one of his best and favorite subjects,as such trips combined a "learning"experience with fun,as this was!Busch Gardens is in Williamsburg,an early colonial settlement,with many learning opportunities,including many Civil War sites as well,my personal favorite!
From left to right is Becky,Dan is sitting ,and Jennifer is beside him,they "suffered" ! thru many a "learning"experience after which thet went someplace FUN!! as here,Busch Gardens itself is an experience,a multi country themed park,visitors will be given a nice cultural view of each country represented with rides or coasters in each area ,food that is delicious and a great family destination,one of my very fav places to go! i miss those days! The "kids are now grown with families of their own and although this summer is past,start thinking about where your family can combine and plan learning with fun,if you do not live near virginia,there are opportunities all over our country!