Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lynnie Bug!

Did I tell you how i ever came by that name? Everyone has a nicknaame right?And most of us have no control over what name you get right? WELL!! It was no different for me,out of my control! Story has it,as a small child whenever Iwas outside playing I had the absurd habit of 'EATING' the bugs!!! YUP! right off the ground!Since my name is Lynn,...they just added ie... and Bug and theren you have it! It became in years to follow a source of many stories and muccch embarrassment to me! I cannot say if it is really true,would you like to be "famous" for such thing?!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lena Mae my grandmother

This is Lena Mae Perkins,my grandmother!,with my father as a baby,isn't she beautiful!It was from her as my grandmother that I first knew some of how I would like to be a grandmother.

Funny that I thought of that as a child,but I did!She was the grandmother to the neighborhood children,I best remember her Saturdays,that was her "baking"day she made many things but her molasses cookies were the bessst!All the kids knew from the smell when they were ready and showed up at the screen door for their saturday treat!My own pie crust is the recipe I watched and helped her roll out countless times,and I have won many blue ribbons for that crust with my apple pie!One other of her homemaking habits I follow today[much to some peoples astonisment and woes,]is the ironing of my bed linens!! I love my sheets ironed ! this my grandmother did on Tuesdays' as Monday was washday!!I miss her still and would love to be there and smell the cookies,and sit in her rocker while watching small town life from the window.
Gramma,you were one of a kind,many years ago,i love you still. Lynnie Bug

Monday, March 10, 2008

learning curve!

Just got done working the week-end Trying to learn what this "blogging" is all about. some serious stuff out there!!Very complicated!? Seems so to me My comfort zone is a hospital!!Though I like my side of it!!!Labor and delivery as you know is my place,We have BIRTH PLANS out there,with parents to be wanting a lovely,low lights soft music,no episiotomy,do not mention or ask if they want"pain medicine" but get thee EPIDURAL!! at 2 cm's.They want the baby placed on their chest after birth to "bond" and they want the whole family there to witness this event! OK! I'm flexibleI love labor and have for 23/yrs,but we need some "new" birth plans based in reality.Labor is a painful process that affects not only the mother but the baby as well, I'm there to make sure you both are safe and healthy when it's over.Some of these "birth plans' would adapt better to "home" births.If you come to my hospital i have an obligation to see that you leave with a happy healthy baby and mom.I know there are lots' of horror stories out there,but there are wonderful ones as well.I'd like to see some reality before the process begins,not after. Any comments??