Friday, March 7, 2008


What goes here? can't seem to keep my post up? been up to "browsing" sometimes you get in trouble with that!!! anyway want to post this before we loose it Stay tuned you never know what might transpire!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This is

This is #1 of my 4 "kids" Tucker was given to me by my son Dan. He was at a gas station of questionable repute,when Heather,Dans' wife need to use the restroom coming from tampa one day.He of course stopped at the place Heather would never go,but sooo! There sat tuck amongst the empty boxes,which he loves to this day,having been beat up by the large resident cat the owner said Take him,as someone dropped him here a while back. soo that was an exit called Tuckers Grade, so here he is THEE VERY BEST PRESENT I EVER GOT!!!

genealogy blog

I forgot!! See the grey matter is fading already! the blog site to go to if you want theeee best advice for that family search you are doing is Lord and Lady, oh by the way that "cad" "borrowed" my name,I created it many years ago in expectation of using it for a Bridal shop! I can still do bridal things though if you convo me at Etsy I'll be happy to create away your vision of lovliness!!! luv nana


nanas blog needs much help! If it weren'tfor that darn hospital I could get this in shape! 12/hr shifts are the focus of my life I see no immediate change.....! I will have to forget about housework! Then sit down and do this only problem is I get distracted by the many wonderful blogs out there and my etsy shop.. and many others!! Etsy is funnnn!!!! I have been trying to sew some "funky" kids things though.Actually nana desperayely needs to sell this house and get my "cottage" that I have always wanted However when the husband here has "delusions of grandeur" {hope I spelled that right! Anyway he does! Right now you can see his genealogy blog which looks wonderfulllll!!! I might add but then he's home all day!! Hardly seems fair does it??? I really hope to do this up right and offer up all the accumulated "suff"I have stored in the grey matter!!! Before it fades awayyyyyyy !!!