Tuesday, September 1, 2009

update Abby

We have been extremely busy,while trying to understand Abby's cancer and why she has it,reading every available website on feline fibrosarcoma ,we have as most people who love their pets been "grasping at straws" After our usual vet wanted to do surgery "immediately"; and telling us it would not be "pretty" to see or tend to. Well we left that office to go for a second opinion!
The pain I felt at the next appt.was like a knife in my heart,that vet,suggested Hospice Care and to love her as much as we could,it was now sinking in,we would not have Abby much longer[how could I bear not to have her?,my quiet,softfooted,beautiful cat,I had rescued ?
While reading websites,I saw surgeries,numbered up stats in my head,calculated "margins";I do after all ironically have some experience with SARCOMA!! My youngest daughter has synovial sarcoma! Yes, and so much is the same,it's eerie!! A website suggested an expert,and so I managed to find one nearby,pleaded my case,hoping for a miracle...Yes Yes Yes !!! I could and would accept Abby with one leg,if she were able to function,and they could get a "good" margin.Sooo! on to the x-rays.Abby is a quiet cat ,but high strung! They got the lateral views but no front(you could hear her way down the hall)
As the vet looked over the pics he was not very vocal, and when he spoke he said"suspicious" as to being present in her lung.But he would do surgery,and gave us the price.which wasn't bad at all but what about that word"suspicious"
We thought for hours into the night I cried and begged God to come and take "IT" out of my baby,anything so I did not have to loose her!When morning came we called our trusted vet of "hospice care" ran to get the x-rays from the expert and as "Mc Kelvie" looked at them and then at us I saw the answer,sad,but he went through the "margins" again and just what would be removed,Abby would not be able to stand to feed herself,or lift her front body,and the threat was still there,he would expect recurrance very quickly,she would never have enough time to heal from the surgery.We cried,took our pics and with promises to love her and keep her comfortable,as long as was good for her,we went home to hold our beautiful,soft greeneyed Princess,and here we will be as long as we have left.
We will keep you updated,get some info in about VRS vaccine related sarcoma,their support group,and as much help as I can possibly dig up!!!

shadow shot of Abby