Sunday, August 23, 2009

Princess with a secret

A true little princess lives here she walks on 4 feet,has a demure quiet way of walking through the house,and the regal way she carries herself is quite the sight to see,Yet she had a secret that hid deep within her,some knew it most of us did not,and no one wanted to tell.We found that secret out one day as we stroked her silky fur,a small nickel size bump was under that fur,and we did not think much of it at first,she could have gotten bitten by a "bug" you know mosquito,such things fly in the moist Florida air,a routine trip to the vet told us otherwise,it was already too late,the very care we had taken to protect her would soon take her small,much loved special life
The veterinarians who cared for her knew,what I want to know is why I wasn't given a choice.the choice to vaccinate her or not,yes that's right,the very vaccines our cats are given which all the vets I know never told me the risk that lie within those prepariations,but they had known for years,the research is all over the internet,there are ingrediants in the feline vaccines that allow a deadly cancer to attach itself to our beloved pets,that grow like a spider web and branch out,attaching as it grows,invading.the tissue and spreading like a spider web,making it nearly impossible to remove as an option,without maiming and disfiguring,the risk of spreading is too great the margins too wide 2-3 cm beyond the tumor.
So what is this deadly killer of our beautiful felines? It is called feline fibrosarcoma ,it comes from the additives or ingredients in the vaccine and attaches itself to scar tissue,the tissue the needle scars as the injection is given ,after that it is a matter of time,surgery may be an option if it is not so invasive as to include vital organs.radiation may be used ;and much like human sarcomas,which incidently my youngest daughter has,chemotherapy can be used but is not terribly effective
Abby has a 2cm x 3 cm tumor under her right shoulderblade at the injection site,that to operate would take her leg,shoulder and any tissue it had been found to have invaded,plus the now palpable tiny spots you can feel branching towards her left shoulder,maiming any life she would have,oh the vet was quick ,he tried to convince us he needed to operate that day before we could go home and let this shock sink in,we left and did our research,taking our beautiful green eyed Maine Coon mix with us and cried as we read what no one gave us a choice to decide for ourselves,indoor cats seldom need the vaccines that outdoor cats need,in fact I never knew but my sister and mom have purebred Ragdolls and their vet and opted not to be administered ,except for the Rabies required by law where they live,which by the way is also a risk,but the numbers are less without the other vaccines.
Abby looks well right now you can see the swelling at the tumor,and she has a slight limp,for which we have an anti-inflammatory,that our NEW vet gave us.
I am not suggesting you all stop what your vet recommends,but that you question and read ,research as you would for your family,because our cats and dogs are our families!they cannot decide for themselves !,make an "informed" decision,and one you can live with.
Right now I have known for 4 short days and the shock ,fear and blame that is in my heart for failing a small bedraggled kitten I,,"rescued" from a "mall" pet shop,with eyes swollen from infection and a small,smelly, furry body; it took $300.oo to make well,the shop was closed down a month later[another story] I'll do the best I can when the tears stop and get more info out ,there is a support and research group,please ,please be informed,new vaccines already exist,QUESTION YOUR VET!!! if they do not share info find one that does! Abby has pics on here,but I will post more as the days go by..Love to you all who care for the creatures that cannot care for themselves nanna