Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A new baby is truly a miracle! When you stop to think so much has to go "right" for a healthy baby to come into this world.I see both sides of the spectrum in my profession.While laboring a happy couple last week I learned their nephew had died of "ALL" Acute lymphoblastic leukemia nearly 18 mos, ago,the parents had a second child born only 2 months "after"he was diagnosed.While the cure rate is nearly 85% this child had a mutation of a specific gene,making the outlook very grim.neither parent was a match for bone marrow,it took a while before one could be found,then sadly his little body "rejected" the transplant. Timing here could have made a difference,but families are seldom planned for such catastrophic events.Now this wonderful brother to my pt, was "gifting"his sister's baby with the potentially life saving cord blood collection and storage,for their first child. A simple proceedure,this can mean the difference to a sibling with life threatening condititions.
I have helped parents through thr process many times,however it is not affordable for a great majority of the parents out there,but if you can do it ,it can mean the life of your precious child should he or she need it in the future.I urge parents to research,there are a number of "banks" available and payment plans. I will get further into info in future blogs,but must now run or I will be late for another "miracle"which certainly awaits me today!