Saturday, June 13, 2009

Side effects

Not much really after this first "round" of chemo a little nausea,diarhhea, nothing that she needed any medication for, she did complain of feeling "weak" like her legs were "rubbery" and she couldn't keep up. There was that "smile" even in her voice you could hear it,as she assured me she was OK ! Her family is much support to her at home and keeping up the housework for her. One thing Vera "loves" to do is iron her clothing! which they did give her "permission" to do she was so happy!! Imagine that ?! Some things are theraputic,especially those which we are used to doing and anything that can help is important,even IRONING!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Chemo&Chanel

Well the first chemo has begun,although the "infection/cellulitis" is not completely gone the chemo Dr.felt it was safe to go on.Unfortunately or perhaps as was meant to be her beloved'Chanel" died during the night before.
Let me tell you about an amazing man I have watched "step up" and become a caregiver,not only to his wife but of everyday life in general "Pete"heard a noise about 1230 am and got up to see the small cat struggling to stay on her feet,her legs were "like rubber" as Pete put it.He picked her gently up and held her as he sat with her fragile little head tucked into the crook of his elbow he sat until he felt the last heartbeat ,then knew she was gone.
The task of telling Vera was not a small one ,especially on this day of "firsts",and as her day began I knew that like so much involved in Veras' life for the past 8 months,that strength I never knew she posessed;would kick in once more to get her through the first of many treatments to come that hopefully will "overpower"the invader in her body.