Thursday, June 4, 2009


Behind again,my intent was to follow her "care",sort of journal for someone I care about very much.Vera went for her first "chemo"treatment only to find that it couldn't be done,she has an infection .apparently from one of the 4 drains that kept the fluidaway as she "healed".
As to this date she has had 3 doses of IV rocephen,with little improvement,another check-up put her on 3 doses of Levoquin,both powerful antibiotics.Without the infection gone they cannot start her chemotherapy,her immune system will be compromised and the healing she needs to finish would be compromised ,Vera is in very good spirits I have admiration for her ability to "smile" Vera has a very small cat who is 17 human years old,a beautiful green eyed Persian,who as i pet I could feel her bones,and watched her take shakey steps,quite aware of the pain she was in,the vet suggested they "put her down" to release her from the pain of her afflictions,as yet Pete and Vera have been unable to do so,they love her so much,as we get closer to Friday we will know more about the effectiveness of Vera's antibiotics and her special pet,they also have 3 small dogs they are Shitzus I think,hope I spelled it right! adorable and they provide such a theraputic love for Vera!