Saturday, February 16, 2008


how tired can you get? guess it's relative.start your day @0400 end it at next day@0015 that can do it!In between put in 14/hrs actually working for pay!!! I am charge @labor/delivery unit did not count deliveries yesterday but there were many.we do "normal" ,high risk,c-sections pre-term I guess we do it all mostly with too few nurses trying to cover for breaks??? for staff that is attending each back-up, means I actually "catch" the baby get them crying and breathing clearly weigh,measure,band for identity,a lot of charting!!! running to the next delivery handle admissions epidurals I do it all!!! and some days it does me in yesterday was one of those days.To say i'm tired and achy is just the tip of the iceberg!! Not going to run today!! hope to recover by monday when I can start the week again! Hope to hear from someone got lots of "advice" to moms -to-be new nurses whatever... send me your best!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where am i

sew nana has been looking to see what this blogging is all about,when you spend your whole life for others you get in a rut! not that that's not good but moderation is good,not forgetting yourself is good! so let's see what we can come up with!! That i can sew is without saying,so much i used to do,and put aside. never Nanas'first advice is not to forget yourself! will find pictures to post,hope to hear from you guys out there soon, Advice?? what are nanas for? I am also a very busy labor and delivery nurse! 23 yrs need some pointers? what to expect? Ask away !!!